Heavy Damage

Residential Roofing in Lubbock

We all know that part of living in Lubbock is dealing with the high winds and cold winters.

At Johnson Roofing we pride ourselves on being able to care of our customers year around. 

​So give us a call if an "Act of God" has damaged your roof!

Advice column

  • We only use the best materials

  • Roofing consultation

  • Insurance claim reviews

  • Pre-installation inspections

  • Free Estimates

  • Property clean-up

  • Timely execution

  • One on one service with the company owner

Just for your information

Johnson Roofing

A Lubbock Company

What we do?

Protect your roof valleys

Z Ridge

Our business philosophy

The majority of roofing companies follow a business plan that is based on volume of sales. This involves intense advertising campaigns, a large sales staff and other variables that increase the cost of business. Quantity vs quality. 

In contrast Johnson Roofing offers a simplified personal approach. Our business is built on satisfying one client at a time. Our owner guides each client through the entire roofing process, from estimation to completion, making Johnson Roofing the only company you will ever need.

We provide you the quality you deserve!